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Business Models

Power Your Bottom Line

Our in-house team of solar specialists will consider your unique financial and energy goals to provide a custom solar solution.


Install a custom solar system to host a large scale community solar array and monetize your rooftop or land. You’ll collect a site fee as you contribute to the regional economy and support healthier communities.

  • Earn rent from your roof, land, or parking lot: a third-party financial company will pay upfront, over time, or a combination of the two, then sell the energy through a community solar program or remote net metering partnership.
  • Invest and sell energy to others: fund your project through a loan, lease, or direct cash purchase, then sell the energy off-site using community solar.


Install a custom solar system to meet your business’s energy needs and maximize your utility savings. You’ll receive maximum utility savings and lower utility demand charges while capitalizing on NYS rebates and federal tax credits.

  • On-site installation on your building or property to directly reduce electric consumption.
  • Off-site installation on a remote property (either owned or leased) to remotely credit electric bill.
Commercial Solar

Project Funding Options

We consider individual financial and energy goals, and selectively partner with the region’s leading lenders, to provide the most economical plan possible for significant savings, increased profits, and long-term energy reductions. Project acquisition structures include zero down loan options, lease options, power purchase agreements, and direct cash purchases.

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Aerial view of a rooftop commercial solar installation on a warehouse

Why EmPower Solar?

EmPower Solar’s commercial division enables you to maximize your financial return on your custom-built solar and battery
system. Over the past 19 years we have helped more than 250 businesses, non-profits, property owners and developers convert underutilized spaces into profit centers, empowering them to earn additional revenue, save on operating costs, and meet
sustainability goals.