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Home Solar and Battery Backup for Reliable Energy During Outages

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Be Prepared for the Next Storm with Solar and Storage

The vulnerabilities of our current power grid become particularly apparent in the summer months when we are more susceptible to extreme weather events such as hurricanes and storms. Most recently, many Long Island and NYC homeowners lost power during Tropical Storm Isaias. As New Yorkers, we know that emergency preparedness is critical to managing power outages whenever they may strike.

As each passing storm season seems to have a greater impact on the resilience of our grid, more homeowners are considering how to become less dependent on their utility company. Solar and battery systems are an affordable way to gain more control over your power.

What Happens to My Solar System if the Power Goes Out?

If you only have solar panels, without a battery backup, when the power goes out in your home, the solar panels will stop working, and automatically disconnect from the grid to maintain the safety of the utility workers attempting to restore power. After grid power is restored, your system will reconnect and continue producing power after a few minutes.

Battery storage, however, allows you to use your solar power during an outage. When battery backup is connected to solar, your system will disconnect from the grid but switch over from grid energy to your stored energy, rapidly recovering your ability to keep your home powered. The energy used during the evening is replenished from the solar panels during the day.

Benefits of Combining Home Solar + Battery Backup

Automatic Restoration

Backup batteries allow you to access stored power in the event of an outage, minimizing the disruption typically caused by severe weather. Battery systems also enable your solar panels to continue production, replenishing your stored energy and providing power until the grid is restored.

Energy Security

Home batteries ensure that you can keep the lights on and appliances running. Each Tesla Powerwall has a capacity of 13.5kWh, which can, for example, power 10 LED lights, one refrigerator, one microwave, a television, an internet router, one computer, and 50 smart phone charges.

App-Based Proactive Monitoring

Our preferred battery system, the Tesla Powerwall, is managed using the Tesla mobile app, which provides a comprehensive real-time view of your system’s capacity and allows you to adjust load usage as needed.

Environmental Impact

Battery backup power serves as an eco-friendly, economic alternative to gas-powered generators, which release harmful pollutants, like carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. The use of a home battery will help reduce your carbon footprint while eliminating the need for recurring fuel costs.

Incentives & Tax Credits

There are many incentives available to Long Island homeowners for batteries. You can combine several unique federal, state, and local incentives to go solar, which can cover up to 50% or more of your total system cost. Additional tax credits may be available to you on combined solar panel and storage systems.

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