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It’s time to ‘Rebuild Right’

EmPower Solar joined with the Town of Hempstead, United Way of Long Island, and Hofstra University to offer a free “Rebuild Right” seminar to homeowners who are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, as well as those looking to remodel with a focus on sustainability and durability.

“I encourage all homeowners, especially those impacted by Superstorm Sandy, to attend this informative forum on how to rebuild homes in a flood resistant, sustainable, and safe manner,” Supervisor Kate Murray said today at a press conference.

The conference was held at the home of Gabrielle and Michael Fehling, owners of Empire Kayaks, who opted to raise their newly constructed Island Park home following massive destruction from the storm.

Greg Sachs, COO of EmPower Solar, was among the speakers and discussed the company’s experience with Sandy, urging residents to attend the “Rebuild Right” event to learn how to prepare their homes for potential future disasters. EmPower Solar, which is also located in Island Park, filled with three feet of water and lost its entire truck fleet when Sandy washed ashore.

“The devastation left by Sandy brings a unique opportunity to homeowners who are in the process of re-building,” added Rick Wertheim of United Way Long Island. “By incorporating the latest energy conservation details and green building practices, occupants will enjoy a healthier, safer home environment with sustainable operating expenses resulting in a more durable and comfortable home.”

Some topics of discussion at “Rebuild Right” include Solar 101, renewable energy, insulation and energy efficiency, and complying with Town and the National Flood Insurance Program.

Rebuild Right: Thursday, July 25, 7p.m.
Hofstra University, Helene Fortunoff Theater at the Monroe Lecture Center

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