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LBCRS Goes Green with EmPower Solar

On November 9, 2009, EmPower commissioned a 30 kW system for the Long Beach Catholic Regional School and Parish. Over the course of the year, the solar system will produce approximately 32000 kWh of electricity and reduce their bill by about $5500.

The School and Parish decided to install a solar system to reduce their environmental impact, reduce their energy bills, and provide a learning experience for the students. EmPower installed a monitor in the main hallway which displays daily energy production for students and visitors to see.

EmPower used SunPower solar panels and their PowerGuard mounting system. PowerGuard enables the panels to lie flat and interlock. No roof penetrations are required. The PowerGuard mounting system can withstand up to 140 mph wind and hail of up to 50 mph. Plus this mounting method provides extra insulation and protects the roof from UV and weather damage.

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