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Rebates in ConEd Territory Drop

Part of our responsibility as New York’s leading solar energy company is to keep you informed about current events and trends in solar power. Our biggest concern right now pertains to the NYSERDA solar rebate, which is provided to Con Edison customers who go solar.

NYSERDA (New York Energy Research and Development Authority) recently reduced the rebate you receive when going solar, and it appears that further reductions are imminent. Though the strong demand for solar is great for NY, it is rapidly depleting the rebate fund.

As we’ve recently learned, solar rebates can disappear quickly. The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) reduced its residential rebate almost every month in 2013 and suspended the program entirely last month. The residential solar rebate on Long Island gone, possibly indefinitely, and we recognize that this same scenario may unfold in NYC.

In August, NYSERDA temporarily suspended all rebate applications, as it had exhausted the allotted monthly funds. The September budget is being depleted quickly and NYSERDA has released the following stipulation:
If the available funds are fully exhausted two months in a row, NYSERDA will lower the incentive. In addition, NYSERDA reserves the right to make changes in the incentive levels based on other market factors per section 2.1 in attachment H (program manual) of PON 2112. Other market factors include, but are not limited to, dramatic increases in demand, or a decrease in the cost of hardware, including modules, or soft costs.

The bottom line is that while the current solar incentives are outstanding, they are being depleted rapidly and will not last forever. If you are serious about going solar, we highly recommend starting the process sooner rather than later.

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