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Top Ten Reasons for Long Islanders to Go Solar

Solar used to require an upfront investment for many Long Island homeowners. Now, thanks to new programs and incentives, solar makes sense right away! Whether homeowners are thinking about retirement or planning for a college fund, low, predictable utility bills can be a big help.

Here’s the top ten reasons why Long Island families choose solar to save on their electric bill each month.

1. It doesn’t cost anything.

Nothing to lose, and thousands to gain. Long Islanders can receive a free savings assessment and solar installation with no out-of-pocket expense. Sound too good to be true?

2. You’ll get back money from not one, not two, but three solar rebates and tax incentives.

When homeowners purchase or finance a solar system, the federal and state governments provide tax incentives, and your utility company gives a solar rebate. Together, these three benefits cover roughly 55% of the cost of a solar system – that’s half-off solar.

3. PSEG will pay you for the extra energy you produce.

Nope, that’s not a typo – when homes produce more energy than they use, the utility pays YOU. Through the net metering program, homes create an energy credit bank that they can pull from during cloudy or snowy days. Anything excess can be traded in for a check from PSEG. Not a bad change of pace.

4. After solar, your very first electric bill will be lower than your current one.

Homeowners are only approved for the on-bill financing program if they’re expected to save from day one. Considering the rising cost of utility bills, those monthly savings grow greater each year.

5. Invest securely with a higher ROI than most investments.

As sure as the sun rises every day, solar has an ROI of around 14%. Whether you look at stocks or bonds, it’s pretty hard to find a deal that good these days with little to no risk.

6. Increase your home’s value.

Solar provides homeowners monthly savings while they live there, and a competitive edge when they go to sell. In a recent Forbes publication, solar panels added a $20,194 premium to the sale price of the house. Real estate markets value solar as a significant investment in a home, and buyers are purchasing a home that includes a fixed, stable electric bill and free energy.

7. Protect your roof from the elements.

Believe it or not, solar actually extends the life of roofs! Solar panels become your roof’s first line of defense against rain, snow, and UV rays. Our secure flashing method provides extra protection and allows us to stand by our 10 year warranty.

8. Prepare for emergencies.

Solar can supply electricity to homes even when the power is out through battery backup or daytime power supply systems. These inverters will power a home with solar if the power is down and the sun is out, giving families time to charge their phones, flashlights, and other important electronics. Solar battery backup systems offer night time power, too.

9. Charge your life with the sun & reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Fossil fuel emissions pollute our land, air, waterways, and ultimately, our bodies. Solar lets you harvest free energy that’s shining on your roof, anyway.

10. Refer a friend and earn $200.

EmPower Solar offers $200 when you refer a friend and they go solar with EmPower. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for spreading the word about solar.

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