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Empower Recovery

UPDATE: November 2, 2012

We hope that everyone is safe and secure after this devastating storm. EmPower’s headquarters, fleet and many employees were severely impacted, though everyone remains healthy and strong. Quite simply, water reached desk surface height in the office. We are still without water, electric and stable cell phone coverage. Currently, our team is primarily focused on restoring our operation.

However, several crews are out addressing emergencies and tending to a handful of hazardous conditions. Most are using personal vehicles, which are also facing unstable conditions due to the sea water and fuel shortage. If you have an emergency, and suspect there is a hazardous condition with your solar energy system, please let us know by contacting us via Tom Bussi: (516) 532-3916, tbussi@empower-solar.com. Tom and Mike are mostly operating off-site, however they remain in access to phone and internet in order to coordinate our service effort.

If any of the system components were submerged, we do recommend contacting us as soon as possible. If it is a non-emergency, but the system requires services, certainly please let us know.

Most importantly, we ask that everyone please bear with us; we are doing the very best we can right now. Our entire team is working very hard and we expect a much higher degree of functionality starting next Tuesday.

Moving forward, for both existing and new clients, EmPower will continue to service all existing systems, as well as repairs for your regular electrical system. We will also most certainly provide service and consultation regarding back up power solutions such as batteries and generators.

If you are a new client that is currently waiting on a quote from EmPower, please contact our Long Island Associate Ali DeCarlo via phone or text at 203-856-1202 or e-mail to: adecarlo@empower-solar.com. All NYC residents may contact our Associate Dylan Rolleri via phone or text at: 516-410-7182 or by e-mail at drolleri@empower-solar.com. If you are already working with a Sales Representative, please be assured that they are working to follow up with you as soon as possible.


David G. Schieren, CEO
Gregory D. Sachs, COO

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